My name is Kristina Wayte and I have been a creator all my life. My favorite parts about design are the process and how visuals can create a story. I began my journey at San Jose State University earning a BFA in Animation/Illustration. I was taught that story creates a basis for good design and every decision must be supported by reason. I always keep this message in mind while designing.

My career  has pivoted as I head into the product design world.  As I gained a greater appreciation for good design and analyzing what is and is not working, I have decided to become a product designer to help create effective and seamless user experiences.
To stir up creative thinking and inspiration, I am always working on a side project. In 2019 I created a short film called My Last Day of Summer  that wove my passion for mountain biking, 2D illustration, animation, motion graphics and film to create an experimental mountain biking film. Since then it’s been in countless festivals worldwide and won the coveted BANFF Mountain Film Festival: Creative Excellence Award.

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