Send it board game

Design Project & illustration


Send it Board Games LLC


Illustrator, Graphic Designer, UI Designer


Photoshop, Illustrator


The idea for SEND IT! started with a crash. A bad crash. A crash so bad, in fact, that it led to a lot of analysis about what went wrong and a lot of board game playing. And eventually those two things came together and the idea of a mountain biking board game was born.

Syd and Macky of Send it Board Games LLC reached out to me to design their game. The game art style would be based upon my illustration style and I was in charge of all icons, design layouts, color palettes and illustrations.

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Translating the prototype

The board game was already designed and they sent me all their playable assets to redesign.

Card Layout
Due to time constraints we were unable to test the final version of the player card. Once the game was released we received lots of feedback and revised the card.

Findings and Changes

  • Users felt card was too cluttered so I simplified wording and increased spacing.
  • Users weren't remembering to look at the Actions section so I simplified and added a solid white background.

Revised - Ski Edition
Designed icons to reflect the skills, the color was chosen to reflect the skill and used repetitively through out the game to develop a game play language.
Optimizing assets

Once all assets were designed, I had to layout all images using templates provided by the printers. While designing I had to always keep in mind print bleed, text only areas and cut margins.


Send It Game was successfully backed in 2020 and has sold thousands of copies worldwide. The company has taken the success of the board game and created a new version, The Snow Sports Edition.